Circumcision (Infant)

Locations: In-office

Dr Al-Sameraaii offers this procedure in the office on Saturdays (by appointment only) for children up to 6 months. You will be asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to chat with Dr Al-Sameraaii about the procedure and follow up instructions. 

Your son will have Xylocaine numbing gel applied and local block anaesthetic applied around the pubic area. Once numbing is achieved, Dr Al-Sameraaii may need to do a gentle stretching of the foreskin to facilitate cleaning away entrapped smegma. Once clean, a dorsal slit may be applied to fit the plastibell under the foreskin. The plastibell is inserted under the foreskin, protecting the inner glans penis. A suture is then tied around the foreskin onto the plastibell. The suture stops blood flow to the lower part of the foreskin and the excess skin is then cut off painlessly. 

The procedure takes no longer than 10 minutes once the numbing is achieved. 

The plastibell and suture will fall off within 7-10 days with all skin below and this creates a good cosmetic outcome thanks to the suture.