Stent Removal

Locations: Office, Calvary Bruce Private Hospital, Canberra Private Hospital, Calvary John James Hospital 

Stents are commonly placed during other procedures as a precaution or preventative method. Some people can experience stent irritation and want the stent removed earlier. 

Common symptoms of stent irritation: 

Urinary frequency – frequent need to pass urine

Urinary urgency – the need to rush to the toilet to pass urine

Haematuria – blood in the urine

The sensation of incomplete bladder emptying 

After applying the numbing gel, stent removal is done by inserting a cystoscope into the urethra and also a set of graspers. The cystoscope we have in our clinic has an HD screen so the patient can see what is going on while the procedure is being performed. The stent will be located and Dr Al-Sameraaii will use the graspers to remove it. 

Dr Al-Sameraaii is happy to provide stent removals both in the office and in hospital. The in-office stent removal is a good alternative for patients who don’t have private hospital insurance and don’t want to be on the long waiting lists at the public hospital. 

The procedure takes no longer than 15 minutes.