Urinary Stones (Kidney, Ureteral and Bladder)

 Stones are a serious matter that may require urgent treatment. Some stones may be watched through regular scans but if they develop too big it can lead to blockages. Blockages caused by stones can cause infections and permanent damage to a patients organs. 

Symptoms of stones can include: 

Renal colic - pain in the back, belly or side

Pain and burning during urination

Urinary frequency - frequent need to pass urine

Urinary urgency - the need to rush to the toilet to pass urine

Blood in the urine (haematuria) 

Cloudy or smelly urine

Nausea and vomiting

Fever and chills

Treatment for urinary stones

Laser Treatment for Urinary Stones

Locations: Calvary Bruce Private Hospital, Canberra Private Hospital, Calvary John James Hospital

Laser treatment is minimally invasive and uses the Thulium/Holmium laser to “dust” the stones to tiny fragments. The procedure starts with Dr Al-Sameraaii inserting a small camera (ureteroscope) through the urethra into the bladder and kidney. Once the stones are located, the laser is used to blast them with high-frequency emissions turning them to tiny pieces that your body can flush out. A “basket” is then inserted and retrieves debris and fragments. A stent is then placed for a few days to allow the body to flush out the last of the tiny debris painlessly. 

We have a fax number set up for urgent stone referrals so you can be seen promptly. Please have your general practitioner fax your referral directly to (02) 6169 3210.